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Honoring Seafarers for over 275 Years 

The Boston Marine Society's membership is restricted to ship Masters who have commanded vessels at sea.  There are provisions for honorary members who may be elected by virtue of their business and civic attainments.

Full Member criteria:

Each Full Member applicant must meet the following requirements:

     a)  US Citizenship.

     b)  Hold a valid Unlimited Ocean Master’s License.

     c)  Active command for at least one year aboard:


          - sailing vessel or sailing vessels of not less than 1600 gross tons Domestic or ITC; or

          - power-driven vessel or vessels of not less than 1600 gross tons Domestic or

             3000 gross tons ITC, on voyages of not less than 48 hours outside the

             US boundary lines, in accordance with CFR 46, Part 7. 

Applicants must also provide the following documentation:


     a)  A copy of his/her United States Coast Guard License.

     b)  Discharges-evidencing his/her time as shipmaster.

  • One member shall propose and two members shall recommend each applicant.

  • After completion of the application, it is posted for 30 days for review.

  • If favorable, the applicant will be voted on by ballot, using the original ballot box, “white balls elect and two black cubes shall reject.”

Honorary Member criteria:


     a)  An honorary applicant does not need to meet the marine applicant requirements.

  • The name of a candidate for honorary membership is referred to the Membership Committee, and then recommended to the Board of Trustees for voting.

Interested in joining?  Contact the Society by e-mailing or call (617) 242-0522.

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