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“to make navigation safer and to relieve members and their families in poverty or other adverse accidents in life”

The Boston Marine Society remains committed to its original mission of ensuring the safety of navigation in the Waters of the Commonwealth and financially supporting members and their families in times of need. The Boston Marine Society, whose members are highly trained professionals, represent maritime experience and judgment unparalleled in the Commonwealth. 


As active and retired Masters of ships of all types,  Society members are uniquely qualified to bring a seafarer’s perspective to the oversight of the Port of Boston. 


Currently the Society directs pilotage in the Port of Boston by:

  • Recommending the appointment of Pilot Commissioners for the Port of Boston as well as Deputy Pilot Commissioners for the other three Commonwealth Districts.  The Pilot Commissioners in turn appoints and provides oversight for all State Commissioned Pilots.  For more information on Massachusetts Pilotage, click the attached link -

  • Addressing pilotage rates for the Boston Harbor Pilots.  For more information on Massachusetts Pilotage Rates, click the attached link - Massachusetts Pilotage Rate Board

  • Promoting the highest level of pilot competency.

  • Ensuring harmony and safety in the Port of Boston, and other ports of the Commonwealth,  through transparent and open communication and stakeholder meetings.  

  • Participation on the Mass Bay Harbor Safety Committee .  For more information on Mass Bay Harbor Committee, click the attached link - Mass Bay Harbor Safety Committee

  • Recommending specific dredging and anchorage details to the Army Corps of Engineers during harbor improvement projects.  


As a charitable organization the Boston Marine Society is committed to the families of members and through funding  to provide financial support in times of need. 


Yearly, through the Society’s endowment, a number of sizeable contributions are disbursed to maritime related concerns.  Of particular mention would be the support of special projects for New England’s own Massachusetts and Maine Maritime Academies and numerous annual scholarships for both academies.

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